Our Gastronomy

At your service since 1988

With the security of 35 years of experience in the world of hospitality, in 1988 the Mesón del Óvalo Restaurant opens its doors in Teruel.

Faithful to the family style, which had given such good results to its owners in previous projects, the Restaurant offers a close service and a varied menu, based on the Aragonese recipe book.

To this way of working, has come together in recent years the modernity of the new generations, formed in the Higher School of Hospitality of Aragon, which have imprinted a more current seal on the way of cooking.

These ingredients have led Mesón del Óvalo into a gastronomic reference in and out of the city.

Paseo del Óvalo, 2 Teruel

restaurante meson ovalo teruel
restaurante meson ovalo teruel

Restaurante recomendado por la D.O.P. Jamón de Teruel

restaurante meson ovalo teruel

Territory Ternasco de Aragon

restaurante meson ovalo teruel

La Diputación Provincial Recomienda este restaurante

Our Dining Rooms

We have two spacious dining rooms with capacity for 100 guests each. For banquets and celebrations we offer our clients several special menus to celebrate weddings, communions, professional meetings, etc. do not hesitate to contact us.


restaurante meson ovalo teruel

In summer we also offer our customers our large terrace with unbeatable views.


restaurante meson ovalo teruel

For more special occasions we recommend the "La Bodeguilla" dining room, with a more intimate and exclusive atmosphere.


restaurante meson ovalo teruel

The "El Altillo" room is located at the top of the restaurant and welcomes customers who wish to taste our menu.

Our Menu

We ask that if someone suffers some type of food allergy, please let us know, Thank you. Do not hesitate to contact us for special menus.

  • Morsels with grapes and pork sausage “Andorra shepherd”
  • Black pudding from Monreal del Campo fried with Padrón peppers.
  • Casserole of snails in with Teruel ham
  • Delights of Teruel
      Ham of Teruel Den. Origin, bread and tomato toasts.
  • Cold-cuts platter from Gudar - Javalambre
      Loin, Chorizo, Longaniza, salchichón, Sheep Cheese and Black Olives
  • Iberian ham platter with bread
  • Table of ham Den. Origen of Teruel and cured sheep cheese from Samper de Calanda
  • Carpaccio del Matarraña
      Sirloin marinated in oil with lemon and oregano, shavings of cured cheese from Samper, olive pâté and baby beans
  • White tuna breast with garlic gulas
  • Terrine of duck pate de foie-gras, with English bread and butter
  • Garlic soup with Teruel ham
  • Grilled wild asparagus
  • Aragonese salad
      Iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, olives, carrot, beet, hard-boiled egg, tuna belly, asparagus yolks and Teruel ham
  • Rashers of bacon salad with honey and mustard vinaigrette
      Varied lettuce, fried onions, nuts, fried bread, cheese, fried rashers and cherry
  • Goat cheese salad
      Varied lettuce, ham knuckles of Teruel, wild mushrooms and quince vinaigrette
  • Gourmet salad
      Gizzards and duck foie gras, nuts, pineapple and apple on mixed lettuce
  • Risotto of wild mushrooms and prawns with the aroma of black truffle from Teruel
  • Grilled vegetable salad with garlic gulas
  • Galician style octopus timbale with truffled potato
  • Green beans from Tolosa with sausage and black puding and pancetta
  • Beans Sephardic style with pine nuts, raisins and mushrooms with the aroma of honey
  • Casserole of gulas and prawns with garlic
  • Grilled boneless pork shoulder with fresh foie bean and caramelized apple
  • Tail of veal with mushrooms
  • Shin of Ternasco de Aragon with mushrooms (typical stew from Teruel
  • Skinless partridge in a smooth marinade
  • Little lamb cutlets with peppers and potatoes
  • Iberian secrets with goat curl and dried apricots from Calanda
  • Tenderloin of pork “iberico judoconverso”, with a trufa sauce
  • Entrecote of veal “pirineo” with potatoes and peppers or Roquefort
  • Tenderloin of veal with young garlic and little peppers
  • Beef sirloin, with fresh foie and port sauce and red fruits
  • Veal T-bone steak from Maestrazgo (600-700gr.)
  • Duck leg confit with grenache and chestnuts sauce
  • Grilled fresh duck foie-gras
  • Grilled Aragonese ternasco steaks with baked potatoes with a minimum order of two hours
  • Baked fresh salmon stuffed with Cabrales cheese
  • Cod with garlics
  • Cod fillet with caramelized onion and roasted peppers
  • Sea bass to the gridiron
  • Baked sea bass with bouquet of greens and vegetables with chardonnay
Homemade sweet desserts
    • Caramel flan with cream
    • Juice of freshly squeezed oranges
    • Tropical pineapple with or without Cointreau
    • Roasted apples with orange juice
    • Chocolate truffles
    • Pannacotta with hot chocolate
    • Macedonia of fresh fruit with mango sorbet
    • Cream with ground nuts and honey
    • Crepes with cream and chocolate
    • Profiteroles of cream with chocolate
    • Cup of rice with milk and ice cream
    • Brioche torrija with milk ice cream
    • Chocolate coulant and milk ice cream
    • Chestnuts in syrup with cream or juice
    • Prunes in French Cognac
    • White chocolate coulant and ice cream
Ice creams
    • Hazelnut
    • Meringued milk with cinnamon
    • Vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate
    • Mango sorbet ice cream
    • Tangerine sorbet ice cream
    • Glass of lemon sorbet with limoncello
    • Frozen cake Contessa
    • Whiskey cake, drizzled with whiskey
Wines from Aragon
        • Nuviana Joven, Valle del Cinca
        • Pago de Aylés
Wines of the Land of Bajo Aragón
        • Tempore,Roble media Crianza (Lecera)
        • Ventus, Crianza, Cretas
        • Lagar d´Amprius (Valderrobres)
        • Dominio del Maestrazgo Cr. Alcorisa
Den. Origen Campo de Borja
        • Borsao Joven, Selección
        • Borsao Crianza
        • Coto de Hayas, Roble ½ Crianza
        • Coto de Hayas, Crianza
        • Coto de Hayas,Garnacha Centenaria
        • Fagus
Den. Origen Campo de Cariñena
        • Corona de Aragón Crianza
        • Care crianza
        • Marqués de Tosos Reserva
Den. Origen Calatayud
        • Baltasar Viñas viejas Garnacha
Den. Origen Campo del Somontano
        • Viñas del Vero Joven
        • Viñas del Vero Crianza
        • Viñas Vero, Gran Vos Reserva
        • Señorío de Lazan Crianza
        • Castillo de monesma Crianza
        • Enate, Merlot Cabernet Media Cr.
        • Enate, Crianza
Den. Origen La Rioja, Crianzas
        • Viña Alcorta
        • Coto
        • Cune
        • Ramón Bilbao
        • Viña Pomal
        • Viña Salceda
        • Lan
        • Viña Beronia
        • Marqués de Cáceres
        • Muga
Den. Origen La Rioja, Reserva
        • Marqués del Riscal
        • Viña Ardanza
Den. Origen Ribera del Duero
        • Viña Mayor Roble
        • Viña Mayor Crianza
        • Condado de Haza
        • Señorio de Nava, Crianza
        • Protos
        • Pesquera
Red half liter bottles
        • Lan rioja
        • Care Crianza,Cariñena
        • Viñas del Vero Cr. Somontano
        • Coto Crianza, Rioja
        • Marqués de Cáceres Cr. Rioja
        • Ramón Bilbao Crianza
        • Beronia Crianza
White wines
        • Azzulo,campo de Borja
        • V. del Vero, Somontano
        • Pescador Aguja, Perelada
        • Viña Sophie Berdejo Rueda
        • Marqués de Riscal,Rueda
        • V.V. Chardonay, Somontano
        • v.v. gewurztraminer Somont.
Rosé wines
        • Viñas del Vero, Somontano
        • Villa de Alquezar Aguja, Som.
        • Homenaje, Navarra
        • Gran Feudo de Chivite, Navarra
        • Ramon Bilbao, Rioja
        • Enate, Somontano
        • Fragantia 9
Cavas, Cider and Champagne
      • Sidra El Gaitero Carta Oro
      • Reyes de Aragón d.o Calatayud
      • Cava Anna Brut Codorniu

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